Re: New Maintainer for MC Project??

Fudoki Wilkinson wrote:
   My name is Terry Wilkinson and I am on the Docs
Team and also am the Public Relations Coordinator for
the Krusader File Manager Project
(  Our Team
has been watching this list closely because most of us
are regular MC users.  I have also been talking to our
leadership, and to Pavel Roskin, about offering to
become the new Maintainer of the Midnight Commander
Project, and Pavel has encouraged me to do so.  Pavel
only wants what is best for Midnight Commander to be

Hello Fudoki,

I'm very much surprised about this mail. It sounds to me like you would want to take over the Midnight Commander in a hurry. Maybe it's not meant like that, but it's just my impression. It's the first time I hear anything from you, and you just say: "I want to be your boss".

As a public relations coordinator, you should know better about the effects of those statements. I would have preferred if Pavel Roskin (whom we already know) had introduced you in a friendly mail. After that, these words would have sounded completely different.

I don't want to join Krusador.


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