Midnight Commander 4.6.1 has been released.


    A new version of Midnight Commander, an easy to use console-based
file manager for Unix systems has been released, it is available from:


	md5sum: 18b20db6e40480a53bac2870c56fc3c4  mc-4.6.1.tar.gz

    The changes since the last public release (4.6.0) are as follows:

- Core functionality.
	- Fix double free in mc_maybe_editor_or_viewer().
	- Do not blindly cleanup in exit_subshell().
	- Fix blocking of panel cd-ing with white space command.
	- Fix mini status after first Ctrl-O.
	- Fix dynamic loading of Photon library for shift keys.
	- Fix X11 connection handling.
	- Improve support for tcsh.
	- Use 8bit input as default.
	- Better support for '@' in FTP usernames.
	- Better large file support (int -> off_t)
	- Add gnome, rxvt and xterm-new terminals (keyword copy for mc.lib).
	- Make the find dialog more responsive while scanning through large
	- Add implementation to cons.handler for FreeBSD 4.x and 5.x.
	- Screen saving is now supported on FreeBSD console.
	- Hide temporary commands from history.
	- Add --with-glib12 option to configure to force using glib 1.2.x.
	- Add --disable-background option to disable background support.
	- Background support now uses pipes instead of UNIX sockets.
	- libX11 is loaded dynamically using gmodule if possible.
	- User is warned if one mc is run from another.
	- In red dialog boxes draw the hotkey characters with a color
	  different than the one used to paint the dialog.

- Security.
	- Fix CAN-2004-0226 (buffer overflows).
	- Fix CAN-2004-0231 (unsafe temporary file and directory creation).
	- Fix CAN-2004-0232 (format string vulnerablities).
	- cons.saver does not need to be setuid-root on Linux.
	- Hiding of FTP passwords.

- Portability.
	- Added configuration files for Sun Solaris pkgmk(1).
	- PC port has been removed.
	- Support for SCO UNIX has been removed.
	- Improve support for QNX Neutrino.

- Editor.
	- Fix position save bug.
	- Improve c.syntax.
	- Improve makefile.syntax.
	- Improve python.syntax.
	- Improve eiffel.syntax.
	- Improve syntax.syntax.
	- Add syntax file for the x86 assembler.
	- Add syntax file for the Vision(tm) Ray Tracer.
	- Add syntax file for the CORBA IDL.
	- Add syntax file for the LUA programming language.
	- Fix bugs for mcedit compiled with ncurses.
	- New status string format in mcedit.
	- Support for large syntax files.
	- Temporarily disable safe save and backups on remote VFS because it
	  doesn't work.
	- Enable user menu in mcedit.
	- Add syntax file for the ASP.NET technology.
	- Add syntax file for the Eiffel programming language.
	- Add syntax file for the Ruby programming language.
	- Add syntax file for the C# programming language.
	- Upgrade php.syntax file.
	- Improve sql.syntax file.
	- Improve perl.syntax.
	- Improve diff.syntax.
	- Improve makefile.syntax.
	- Add "define" keyword for syntax files.

- Viewer.
	- Add .7z archives extensions to mc.ext.in.
	- Add OpenOffice.org 2 extensions to mc.ext.in.
	- Recognize both .udeb and .deb as Debian packages.

- VFS.
	- Extensive samba cleanup.
	- Fix possible crash on broken cpio archives.
	- Quote fixes in urar.in.
	- Full audit of quoting of parameters in vfs scripts (CAN-2004-0494).
	- Fixed CAN-2003-1023 (stack overflow in vfs_s_resolve_symlink).
	- Various fixes in tar.c.
	- VFS supports iso9660 images.
	- extfs/rpm: Don't show the package's contents directly in the root
	  directory, but only as an archive called contents.cpio.

- Screen libraries.
	Backport S-Lang fixes from HEAD.
	- Add many boundary check into internal slang library.
	- Internal slang upgrade to 1.4.9.
	- Increased maximum screen size to 512 x 512.
	- Add support for qansi-m terminals.


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