Re: getgrouplist(3) vs. getgroups(3)

Jakub Jelinek wrote:
But, IMHO far better would be to:
static gid_t *groups;
if (!groups) {
  uid = getuid ();
  n = getgroups (0, NULL);
  if (n < 0) error_handling;
  groups = malloc (n * sizeof (gid_t));
  if (groups == NULL) error_handling;
  n = getgroups (n, groups);
  if (n < 0) error_handling;

That sounds great. I think error_handling should be to just return 2 in this case.

and perhaps if n is big enough qsort groups array and use
a binary search instead of linear one.

Are there systems where there are users that are in more than 20 groups?

(Just wondering. ;))


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