Re: large device major/minor numbers not supported

MP wrote:
A harder question is _what_ to show on the screen for large device numbers
as there's no room for more than 7 characters, so e.g. a 200,1000 doesn't

What about widening the column?
7 characters are ok for 80x25 but if you run MC in terminal, you can have more ... I have 141x65 if I run it in fullscreen (or 211x75 with smaller font). So why not widen the column for larger resolutions? (100+ characters screen width can easily afford 10 characters for that column) You'll see device numbers in full and also more precise file sizes (with 10 character you'll see filesizes up to 10GB with 1 byte precision)

That's quite possible, but will require work on a new "layout algorithm" that can handle an "optimal width" and "stretchability", similar to a word processor program. But that's a little more work than my last patch. But I can work on it.


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