Re: Please test latest mc-stable snapshot

* Pavel Shirshov (pchel) <me pavelsh pp ru>, 15/01/2005, 12:55

>   Please test

Done. Okay, here we go:

1. "Bytes" and "Count" progess bars when moving multiple files

   When *moving* multiple files, the "Bytes" and "Count" progress bars
   reach 100% long before the actual move operation finishes. This is
   true for moving multiple files both from/to local filesystems and
   from/to VFSs (eg. FTP). *Copying* multiple files works fine, the
   progress bars appear to be correct in this case.

2. Moving/copying single files to FTP VFS

   When moving/copying a *single* file to an FTP VFS where I only have
   execute permission on the parent directory (ie. no read and write),
   I have to add a trailing slash ("/") to the target specification
   manually, or else I get a "Permission denied" from the FTP server.
   Copying/moving *multiple* files works fine.
   This might be some sort of special case, actually. Here's the file
   hierarchy and permission details:
   [root blah]:/home/ftp/blahftp# ls -la
   total 32
   drwxrwx--x    4 root     ftp          4096 Jan 13 15:56 .
   drwxr-xr-x    9 root     root         4096 Oct  5 18:09 ..
   drwxrwxrwx    2 ftp      ftp         20480 Jan 15 14:18 hidden_dir_1
   drwxrwxrwx    2 ftp      ftp          4096 Dec 19 16:50 hidden_dir_2
   [root blah]:/home/ftp/blahftp# 
   The net effect of this is that you have full access to the hidden_dirs,
   but you have to know its name. If you log on to the FTP server's root,
   it appears empty, and you're not allowed to upload files or create
   directories there (yes, I'm aware that this is security by obscurity,
   thank you very much ;-).
   Coming back to the problem at hand, when I want to copy/move a single
   file to hidden_dir_2 (ie. the target specification in the copy/move
   dialog box is "/"), I
   get "Permission denied". If I manually add a trailing slash (ie. target
   specification "/"), it
   works fine. Copying/moving *multiple* files also works fine even without
   a trailing slash, somehow mc seems to automagically do the right thing
   in this case.
   It's not a big problem, to be honest, but merely a minor annoyance.

3. Non-SUID cons.saver

   When leaving cons.saver non-SUID, mc acts as if a local console login
   was a "Dumb Terminal" (ie. I have to press Enter after each subshell
   command, the subshell prompt disappears when pressing Ctrl-O three
   times in a row, etc.).
   [zlatko disclosure]~$ echo $TERM
   [zlatko disclosure]~$ who am i
   zlatko   tty1        Jan  9 19:16
   [zlatko disclosure]~$ ls -l /dev/tty1
   crw--w----  1 zlatko tty 4, 1 2005-01-15 14:56 /dev/tty1
   This does not happen in an xterm, although the tty permissions are
   the same:
   [zlatko disclosure]:~$ echo $TERM
   [zlatko disclosure]:~$ who am i
   zlatko   pts/13       Jan 15 15:03
   [zlatko disclosure]:~$ ls -l /dev/pts/13
   crw--w----  1 zlatko tty 136, 13 2005-01-15 15:03 /dev/pts/13
   Setting cons.saver to be SUID root fixes the problem. Again, this is
   also not a big problem, but merely a minor annoyance.

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