S-Lang problems


I tried to make a formal pre-release 4.6.1-pre2, but I found two serious problems, both related to S-Lang.

First problem is that configure uses included S-Lang when called without arguments, even if a working S-Lang library is present. This is different from the old behavior. Also, it's not what "configure --help" says:

  --with-screen=LIB        Compile with screen library: slang, mcslang or
                           ncurses [slang if found, else mcslang]

I believe this code in acinclude.m4 is incorrect:

    m4_if([$1], strict,
        [if test $with_screen != slang; then
            AC_MSG_ERROR([S-Lang library not found])

"strict" is not defined if no --with-screen argument is present. In this case, configure calls MC_WITH_MCSLANG regardless of whether a good S-Lang library was found. The right behavior would be to call MC_WITH_MCSLANG only if S-Lang is not found or is not good enough (i.e. it's a hacked version with UTF-8 support).

The code was last touched in this revision:

revision 1.63
date: 2004/11/16 19:23:40;  author: pchel;  state: Exp;  lines: +26 -20
branches:  1.63.2;
        * acinclude.m4: Fix compiling mc with system slang on FreeBSD.

The second problem is compile error during the link:

slint.o(.text+0x77): In function `SLang_input_pending2':
/home/proski/src/mc.v0/src/slint.c:116: undefined reference to `_SLsys_input_pending'
slint.o(.text+0x19): In function `SLang_getkey2':
/home/proski/src/mc.v0/src/slint.c:103: undefined reference to `_SLsys_getkey'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [mc] Error 1

I'm observing this problem on Debian unstable. The problem may be related to the previous one. I guess configure just gets confused whether it uses internal or external S-Lang.

There is no way I can put 4.6.1-pre2 on ibiblio.org unless it's clearly marked as "broken". I think we should just skip 4.6.1-pre2 and go to 4.6.1-pre3.

Pavel Roskin

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