Re: [RFE][PATCH] Allow cd smb://, cd sh://, cd mc:// vfs requests

Jindrich Novy wrote:


since we can access ftp filesystems either like cd /#ftp: or more
intuitively like cd ftp:// it's not a bad idea IMNSHO to add such
extensions also for other filesystems. The attached patch implements
such an extension and it makes vfs_translate_url() more comprehensive in
the way that the aliases are kept in a separate table. strip_password()
is modified to take the change in account.



As you have "already touched" this part of the code, think about one more feature: replace "/#ftp"-like prefixes to "ftp://"-like on command line substitution (%d, %D, M-Enter, etc.) In most cases such substitution is used to form an argument of a command, i.e. "rmp -i %D/%F", or "lynx -dump %D" . Currently, only internal "cd" command can eat "/#ftp:" . An ideal variant is: internal cd can handel both "mc" and "general" form, command line substitution should mostly use "general" form.

 I have a patch (written some years ago) for "ftp://"; case...

		Dmitry Butskoj <buc citadel stu neva ru>
		Saint-Petersburg, Russia
		Red Hat Certified Engineer 809003662809495

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