Re: Internal slang updated to 2.0.5

On Thu, 08 Dec 2005 13:47:14 +0100 Leonard den Ottolander <leonard den ottolander nl> wrote:

> > mc from cvs on AIX does not display any lines at all (between panels, in
> > a Copy dialog, etc.).
> Assuming you are still building against mcslang?


> Try changing the terminal font, building against ncurses instead of
> slang or run with the -a switch. Any difference? slang related?

With -a switch of course it works (-a, --stickchars    Use stickchars to draw),
with ncurses I get the lines, but I don't get colours, even with -c.
Previous mc version compiled with older mcslang worked ok, so it
seems it is slang related.


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