Re: [PATCH] concat_dir_and_file() needs fixes

Jindrich Novy wrote:
--- mc-4.6.1a/src/util.c.jn	2005-12-02 11:08:26.000000000 +0100
+++ mc-4.6.1a/src/util.c	2005-12-02 13:11:19.000000000 +0100
@@ -1515,9 +1515,16 @@
/* If filename is NULL, then we just append PATH_SEP to the dir */
 char *
-concat_dir_and_file (const char *dir, const char *file)
+concat_dir_and_file (const char *dir, const char *filename)
     int i = strlen (dir);
+    const char *file = filename;

It's obvious that you used mcedit here. :) (Hint: trailing white-space.)

+    /* Return filename when dir is empty */
+    if (!i) return g_strdup (filename);

This looks almost good, except that "i" is not a boolean variable. You should use "if (i == 0)" instead.

+ + if (file != NULL && *file == PATH_SEP)
+    	file++;

Maybe we should rather make sure that this function is never called with non-empty "dir" and "file" starting with a slash. Otherwise we might hide bugs. How often do you want to concatenate two absolute paths?


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