Re: MC and file highlighting (fwd)


On Mon, 22 Aug 2005, Pavel Tsekov wrote:

> > 2) perhaps the big if ... else-if block in file_entry_color() should be
> >    moved to is_file_type() .
> >
> 	I don't think so.

Why ?

> > 3) strcmp() is performed on the file extension and an entry from the file
> >    type extensions list. The code assumes that the file type extensions
> >    list should be lowercase but one can enter upper / mixed case
> >    extensions. In this case strcmp() fails.
> >
> 	Just try to use MC with this patch and you will see, that it is all right and
> nothing fails.

I did and it doesn't work for me. In the dialog which is used to enter the
file extensions replace 'bak' with 'Bak' . Create a file with extension
Bak and see what happens. You convert the file extension of the file to
lower case and then compare to the list. I would not bother to comment a
patch if I had not took the time to review it.

> > 5) it would be good if the list of file types is not hardcoded i.e.
> >
> >    Databases, Graphics, Multimedia, etc.
> >
> >    but user configurable. just a wish.
> >
> > I think this is enough for starters :)
> 	If you don't like this categories, you can name them such as "group #1",
> "group #2", etc. But I think that this list of file types is usable for all
> peoples ;)

Well it is arguable. There are certainly benefits if the user could enter
its own categories . I.e. not only the five categories that you have

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