Re: Long filenames

andrzej zaborowski wrote:
There are only some minor issues about the new viewer:

First, the navigation in hex mode is strange: when pressing the down
arrow it will scroll only after the cursor gets to the bottom of the
screen (like in editor) while up arrow scrolls immediately.

I just fixed it. I had noted it myself some time ago, but never found the time to do the trivial patch. :(

Also after using the search feature, the matching text is sometimes
not highlighted correctly,

I will further investigate in this.

and the vertical bars (|) between each four columns sometimes change
their colour depending on where the cursor is.

I only could observe that the bars had been drawn differently when they were in the text found by the searching functions. I have completely rewritten the hex display function. The code had been a mess. Now the vertical bars always have the NORMAL_COLOR.


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