Re: [patch] fix another End keypress lockup in the viewer


On Mon, 15 Aug 2005, Roland Illig wrote:

> Because we are in text wrap mode. Internally the viewer stores the
> "unwrapped" coordinates. When you want to go one line up, you have to
> distinguish whether you are inside a long line or at the beginning of a
> line. This is what the code does.

Well, maybe the cache should be changed then. And btw this was idea that I
have not investigated fully it just crossed my mind. But what is done now
is clearly suboptimal.

> The code you suggest is used in the !hex_mode && !text_wrap_mode case.
> To my knowledge, the code cannot be made simpler. I could add some
> comments to the code to make understanding it simpler. Shall I?

Roland, are you really thinking that I do not understand that code ? Did
you miss the fact that I've determined where the right place to fix this
bug is ? Now, after nearly 5 months or working on the viewer - do
you understand your code ?

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