Question on mc

Dear listmembers,
two questions on my mc (mc-4.6.1-pre3 / SuSE linux 9.3):
1.) if I do a ftp-connect to an external server and for some reason there is 
no traffic for some time, my dial on demand internet connection is 
interrupted (intentionally).
In such a case mc freezes and cannot be revived. Is there any workaround / 
timeout that can be activated in case the remote server does not respond?

2.) same condition but at the beginning of a connection attempt: F9 brings me 
to the top menu, I can choose the "right" (or "left" ...) column and move by 
hand down to the "ftp-connection" field. If I choose it I haven't found a way 
without using the mouse to get access to the list of the server a connection 
had had existed to, before. Is there any key / key combination that serves 
for this purpose or is this access really restricted to mouse operations?

Many thanks for your inputs,
take care

Dieter Jurzitza

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if you really want to see the pictures above - use some font
with constant spacing like courier! :-)

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