Re: was: Re[2]: Synchronization of the panels


On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, Siver Andrey wrote:

> Hello, Pavel Ts.,
> Thank you for the suggestions.
> I was seriously ill and could read the message only today.

I am glad that you are ok now and you are back - I hope in a good health.

> Even if I made all noted changes they would not resolve the problem with "cannot change dir." error message.

I haven't investigated into this particular problem and I cannot do right
now. Maybe next week I'll have more time. But in any case I think the
points in my last e-mail are valid and the suggested changes should be
included in one way or another i.e. the point is - you patch needs still
to be tweaked if you want it included in MC.

It's unfortunate that not many of the developers commented on your patch.
I'll use this opportunity to ask anyone who has a slice of free time to
help into the process into getting this included by either testing or
reviewing the patch.

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