[patch] mcview improvements

Hi all,

I have prepared another patch for mcview.

User-visible changes:
* the percentage is only shown when the file size is known.
* in case of growing buffers, the file size is shown as
  ">= %s bytes".

Internal changes:
* the variable view->last_byte has been replaced by
  view_get_filesize(), to avoid the need of updating the
  view->last_byte in too many places.
* After reading them in, the file handles for the growing
  buffer data sources are closed properly.
* move_forward2 has been renamed to view_move_forward2,
  because I wasn't able to set a breakpoint on it. (There's
  a function of the same name in src/help.c.)
* The algorithm for move_forward2 has been replaced by a
  much shorter and simpler one.
* Many small details.


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Description: GNU Zip compressed data

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