Re: pipethrough

Leonard den Ottolander wrote:

How should pipethrough that Roland wrote be integrated to avoid the
broken pipe warnings when aborting the view of a not fully expanded gzip
file? Would it be hard to integrate that code in init_growing_view() in

Currently, pipethrough cannot handle the growing buffer that is used with WView. I would prefer to rewrite WView so that it contains a DataProducer which can be either a GrowingBufferDataProducer, a MmapDataProducer or a PipethroughDataProducer. The interface to the DataProducer could look like:

typedef struct DataProducer DataProducer;
struct DataProducer {
	WView *view;
	int (*get_byte) (DataProducer *, off_t);
	off_t (*get_current_size) (DataProducer *);
	off_t (*get_size) (DataProducer *);
	void (*destroy) (DataProducer *);

The WView would then only keep a reference to the DataProducer and would not know what type it is. Most probably the interface above is incomplete, but the idea behind should be clear.


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