Re: [PATCH]: menu doesn't appear on right info panel


On Thu, 28 Oct 2004, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:

> Hello Pavel,
> On Tue, 2004-10-26 at 10:25, Pavel Tsekov wrote:
> > -    while (h->current != w0) {
> > -       if (dlg_focus (h))
> > -           break;
> > -
> > +    while (!dlg_focus (h)) {
> Don't we need
> +       if (h->current == w0)
> +           break;
> as well?

As far as I understand the code - no we don't need it. The old code acted
this way. It looks hard for a widget that accepts WIDGET_FOCUS messages.
If we introduce the check that you suggest, you'll end up exactly in the
same situation that this patch is trying to remedy.

I get it that it is guaranteed to have at least one widget that accepts
WIDGET_FOCUS. So an endless loop is unlikely to happen. In any case I
think the current code is incomplete (wrong) and I consider it a

Anyway, if there is a doubt about this patch maybe we should ask someone
with more knowledge of the code for advice.

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