Re: simple patch for lib/

On Sun, Oct 10, 2004 at 06:44:17PM +0200, q# wrote:
> Hi,
> It adds:
>  * view images with identify || file
>  * tar archive with uppercase
>  * bittorrent files view
>  * playlist files (with xmms or mplayer)
>  * .WMA audio files (with mplayer)
>  * .ogm video (with mplayer)
>  * .qt video (with mplayer)
>  * minor stuff

Can some one review this patch, maybe multimedia stuff is unnecessary
but I think that identify || file is worth commint. This also switch rar
to unrar with F3 view, I think that unrar is mutch common because
sources are awaliable and more OSes could use it.


best regards

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