prompt, spaces, `cd' and system commands..


I've compiled a few minutes ago cvs'd version of mc and want to report
some issue with spaces in prompt commands. I've post it some time ago:

It's is described in second part of that mail, but I will try simple

in mc prompt1:~/> mkdir this is test
in mc prompt2:~/> mkdir this\ is\ test
in mc prompt3:~/> cd this is test
in mc prompt4:~/> cd this\ is\ test

In first ex mkdir will create 3 dirs, that's okey.
In second mkdir will create 1 long dir, okey (like in stand-a-lone sh).
In third example cd will change dir, that's fault, because in first mkdir
had 3 parameters, cd cannot cd to 3 dirs (like in stand-a-lone sh).
In fourth mc will show red dialog box, error no such file direcory(2)

I often copy paths with to prompt with (CTRL+x, p) and when your path
has space I've got this error when tryin co cd'in.

best regards

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