Re: [PATCH] Already running a command


On Mon, 22 Nov 2004, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:

> Hi,
> I wrote:
> > I forgot to remove the comment about subshell state ACTIVE.
> These improvements make subshell_ready extern, so we can test if
> (subshell_ready == TRUE) in shell_execute() instead of if
> (subshell_state == INACTIVE) before calling do_execute(). We should
> investigate if subshell_state is perhaps totally redundant.

Now, you've really broke your own patch. I see that you haven't tested
your code. By doing the changes above (using subshell_ready)
you actually remove the effect of your changes to invoke_subshell().
So you actully reintroduced the still get 'The shell is already
running a command' message.

Why ? Because `subshell_ready' is FALSE until the prompt is not
reprinted by the shell i.e. a command was executed. It is set
to TRUE after the prompt reappears.

Now about the 'Ctrl+O tab tab n Ctrl+O' issue. I don't have a proof
yet... but I think that the `precmd' is not executed in this case.
So you `subshell_ready' doesn't get a value of TRUE. Thus the famous
message reappearing again.

I'll try to provide more info soon.

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