Re: broken extraction/viewing fix from tarfs

Hello Jindrich,

Monday, November 29, 2004, 9:08:15 PM, you wrote:

JN> Hi,

JN> this patch fixes broken extraction and displaying of symlinks from
JN> tarfs, but possibly affects any vfs that uses vfs_s_readlink ().

JN> To see description and steps to reproduce please see:

JN> In vfs_s_readlink () there is incorrectly calculated length of buf
JN> instead of link name in the inode. The random size you may see when
JN> extracting symlinks from tarfs is caused by the fact that buf is mostly
JN> uninitialized so the link is truncated almost at random position.

Committed. Thx!

Best regards,
 me                            mailto:me pavelsh pp ru

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