edit_status () prints bad status line (fwd)


Please, fix this. Disregard the suggestion at the bottom.

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Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 15:46:40 +0200
From: Pavel Tsekov <ptsekov gmx net>
To: Roland Illig <roland illig gmx de>
Cc: MC dev <mc-devel gnome org>
Subject: edit_status () prints bad status line


While working on the editor I noticed that the status line outputs
more characters than the actual number of columns.

    printw ("%-*s", fname_len + gap, fname);
    if (fname_len + gap < w)
        printw ("%-*s  ", w - (fname_len + gap), status);
You should change the line above to:

  printw ("%-*s  ", w - (fname_len + gap + 2), status);

Also, maybe it would be much better to declare a constant like

  static const int right _pad = 2;

and use it to replace all occurences of '2'.

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