Re: mcedit issues

> The purpose of glibcompat.c is to provide the functions that are in 
> glib-2, but not in glib-1.2. It is not used as an abstraction layer 
> aroung the glib functions.

I know, but it is best place now to place glib function.

> > -    GString *label_text = g_string_new (_(" Replace with: "));
> > +    char *msg = _(" Replace with: ");
> msg must be a const char *. If ENABLE_NLS is not #defined, the following 
> line is executed:
> #define _(str) (str)

> So you assign a const char * to a char * variable here.

Yes, const qualifier can be added.
Well, QuickWidget.text field also can be declared const * char because
query_dialog() does not modifies this one, but this change will lead to
too many warnings now. 

Andrew V. Samoilov.

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