M-o and mc shell options.

It has been a while since the M-o issue was changed, but it still bothers me. I have seen quite a couple of people complain about losing the old functionality and I am one of them. I really see no benefit at all to have the current workdirectory copied as it does in the 4.6.0+ versions of mc. Also, removing functionality like this just irritates users like me causing them to branch off. I am still not using the newer versions of mc because of this and some other changed behavior.

Anyway, I had a question. In mc, the standard shell settings are used, (in my case tcsh) which is not always beneficial. In my case, I'd like to use a different $prompt in the mc command line as what I use in mc.
Is there an easy way to do this?

   * /From/: Andreas Amann <amann physik tu-berlin de>
   * /To/: mc-devel gnome org
   * /Subject/: small M-o issue
   * /Date/: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 14:35:14 +0100



I very much prefer the "old" behavior (4.5.51) of the M-o key, i.e. opening the directory on which you are standing in the other panel, over the new one. The old behavior was very usefull for getting a quick glimpse of an unknown directory tree. In recent releases (4.6.0) this functionality appears to be gone. I would apreciate it, if it could somehow be reimplemented (using another shortcut is of course fine) .



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