Re: mc bug

Quoting Dave Jones <davej redhat com>:

> ./mc/mc-4.6.0/pc/util_nt.c:531
> buffer->st_mode &= !S_IXUSR & !S_IXGRP & !S_IXOTH;
> That looks odd to me. Is that going to do the desired effect?
> or should it be something more like..
> buffer->st_mode &= !(S_IXUSR | S_IXGRP | S_IXOTH);
> perhaps ?

Don't worry, the PC port is dead.
Version 4.6.0 doesn't use this code.  Version 4.6.1 won't have it.

By the way, please don't use bcc: to send messages to mailing lists, or the
replies won't be sent to the list by default.

Pavel Roskin

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