Re: core file highlight

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004, Dmitry Alexeyev wrote:

> Hello!
> MC highlights file `core' dark brown. Everybody got used to it, so
> nobody notices.  But! I am repairing a hacked box, there was directory
> named `core', in which exploit + setuid shell was hidden.
> Maybe it is good idea to highlight directory `core' with some specific
> color? I thought it is file before I looked into it from the shell...

Directories are highlighted by white color, which takes priority over
"core" highlighting.  Also, directories have "/" in the type field.  I
think it's enough to prevent any confusion.

Of course, once mc starts highlighting any files, somebody will ask to
highlight more files.  Unfortunately, the existing code is not very easy
to extend and keep in a good shape, and code bloat isn't going to help.

Pavel Roskin

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