Re: Batch of QNX6 fixes ???

On Fri, 6 Feb 2004, Mike Gorchak wrote:

> Hello all !
> Please, anyhow comment my previous post (11 days before), are patches
> accepted or not ? and why, if not ? Maybe lack of time ... but, please
> not keep silence :)

It's lack of time.  The project is very weak on the receiving side.
Basically I'm the one accepting patches and I'm currently a bottleneck.

You may want to put your patches to the patch tracking system on Savannah.
If the project ever has maintainers with more time they will look at the
patches on Savannah.  It's very unlikely that they will check the mailing
list archives for patches, no matter how much time they have.

Regarding five.diff, I think it's wrong.  The reason why we have separate
definitions for keypad plus and minus is because they cannot be
interpreted solely by the keyboard handling code.  They may be interpreted
differently dependent on whether the command line is empty.  That's why
it's important to have a separate code to distinguish the keypad plus from
the normal plus and from Alt-plus, and the same for minus.  I actually
think it's a hack and could have been done better.

Pavel Roskin

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