Re: Fw: Bug#231071: Italian translation changes hotkeys in a dangerous way

On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, Adam Byrtek / alpha wrote:

> Below is a bug-report from Debian. Is there somebody speaking Italian
> on this list to fix this?

It's not an Italian-specific problem.  Midnight Commander doesn't have a
color for hotkeys in the "red" dialogs.  The strings in English
capitalized the hotkey, which was a bad design.  Translators decided that
"camelback capitalization" is not appropriate for their languages, which
was a correct decision in my opinion.

The same problem exists in the English interface as well (CVS version).
Try deleting a directory.  You'll get this:

Directory not empty.
Delete it recursively?
[ Yes ]  [ No ]  [ All ]  [ None ]  [ Abort ]

There is no way to see if "A" will activate "All" or "Abort".

Since this problem can cause data loss, I'm adding it to the TODO list for
version 4.6.1.  Thank you for your report.  I didn't realize that the
consequences of our sloppiness can be so grave :-(

Pavel Roskin

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