zip file (vfs) view/extract/delete problem

    I have problem viewing files from:
    The problem seems to be that all files inside are stored with './'
infront of the name. I was not able to create such archive with zip,
I did not try too hard however, but repacking the file fixes the
problem. Adding files to the archive works and they can be viewed,
extracted and deleted afterwards. I tested it with mc-4.6.0-17.fc1
(Fedora Core 1) and mc-4.6.1-0.11 (from Fedora Core 3). I get this
error:'caution: filename not matched:  edit.html', which comes from
/usr/bin/unzip (and yes, it is './edit.html' infact).
    Can someone else reproduce the error (I think it's not Fedora

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