Re: mc/NEWS

Leonard den Ottolander wrote:
Full audit of quoting of parameters in vfs scripts (CAN-2004-0494).
Hiding of FTP passwords.
Internal slang upgrade to 1.4.9.
Increased maximum screen size to 512 x 512.
Fixed CAN-2003-1023 (stack overflow in vfs_s_resolve_symlink)
Fixed CAN-2004-0226 (buffer overflows)
Fixed CAN-2004-0231 (unsafe temporary file and directory creation)
Fixed CAN-2004-0232 (format string vulnerablities)
Hide temporary commands from history.
Fixed crash on use of large syntax files.
New and improved syntax files (php, perl, diff and
Various fixes in tar.c.
Numerous other bug fixes (vfs, editor, viewer).

* Large files are better supported (int -> off_t).
* Better support for '@' in FTP usernames.
* cons.saver does not need to be setuid-root.


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