Re: Drawing errors

Leonard den Ottolander wrote:

Currently running mv from CVS 2004-08-22, with a few patches that will
be soon merged. I am *not* using any UTF-8 patches at the moment.

I am seeing drawing issues. As soon as I start mc I notice the straight
line under the files is not terminated correctly. Yesterday I also
noticed it being continued on the next line, and after toggling I now
see that the last line "re-begins" halfway through.

Since I have been running a patched 4.6.0 until recently I am not sure
when this bug was introduced. Any idea where I should look to fix this?

There's a off-by-one error in certain patched versions of SLang, at least some RetHat versions and Debian versions. In Debian, it has been finally fixed in latest unstable distribution.

Jindrich Makovicka

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