Re: Maintenance question

Best of luck, and thanks for all your hard work! I hope you still stick
around in some capacity.


---==== [ Pavel Roskin ] ===---
> Hello!
> This e-mail is long overdue, but I hoped things would change.  I cannot be
> a single maintainer of GNU Midnight Commander anymore.  Not only my time
> is limited due to my job, but I'm also emotionally exhausted because of my
> personal life (I'm a "NonBP" now, use Google for details).  Also, I don't
> find hacking userspace software as exciting and it was for me in the past,
> although the experience was very important for me.
> I set high standards for what I expect to be in the future versions of GNU
> Midnight Commander, but it looks like I'll not be able to meet those
> standards in a reasonable time.
> If somebody is seriously considering sharing the burden of maintaining GNU
> Midnight Commander, please write me and I'll assist you in getting access
> to the website, mailing lists and administrative privileges on
> I'd like Miguel de Icaza to participate in choosing the co-maintainers.
> Miguel wrote this program and he entrusted me with maintaining it.
> I intend to continue to contribute to the project as much as I can.  I
> think it's primarily the sole responsibility for the project that is
> weighing on me now.  I cannot read 30 e-mails per day knowing (or rather
> fearing) that I'll have to reply 10 of them.
> Sorry for everything I did wrong.  Sorry for e-mails I didn't have a
> chance to answer and for patches I didn't have a chance to apply.
> --
> Regards,
> Pavel Roskin
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