Re: [smbfs.c]: Fix recently introduced memory leak

Hi, Roland!

> I have applied a slight variant of your patch. Your patch didn't fix a 
> memory leak (to my knowledge), but I discovered one while checking and 

What about previous smbfs_get_remote_stat(), smbfs_mkdir() and smbfs_rmdir()?

> applying your patch. But most of the patch has been committed.


BTW, these lines are from HACKING:

Please use the same indentation as other developers.  To indent a block,
select in the internal editor and use Shift-F9 to call the external
indent.  For historic reasons, GNU Midnight Commander used formatting
that is not default for GNU Indent.  Please put following text to your
~/ file to make GNU Indent follow the style used in GNU
Midnight Commander:

-kr -i4 -pcs -psl --ignore-newlines

It's OK to indent the whole function if you edit it.  However, please
refrain from it if you are posting your patch for review.  In this case
you would save time of other developers if you only include significant
changes.  The developer applying your patch can format the code for you.

P.S. Please use () after function name in ChangeLog(s) entries and begin this one with 
* filename (function): Description .

Andrew V. Samoilov.

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