recode patch

Here is a recode patch for mc cvs version.

Features(avaliable with --enable-charset):

  Each panel has a codepage(selected by Ctrl-t when panel is active).
  Filenames are translated from panel codepage to display codepage
  before displaying on the screen.

  When copy or move operation occurs there is a possibility to
  translate filenames from one codepage to another
  (avaliable on copy/move dialog, initial codepages are taken from panel codepages)
  When move a directory within one filesystem
  only this directory name is translated but no traslation for it's files
  and subdirectories.

  translation of new directory name(F7) to active panel codepage.

  FTP default codepage(avaliable from Options->Display Bits).
  When user goes to ftp link panel codepage changes to FTP default codepage.
  When user goes back from ftp link panel codepage is restored.

  panel codepages, default ftp codepage are stored in ini-file
  and loaded when mc starts.

  when display codepage is not defined mc tries get it from $LANG.

  mc restores directory when user goes back from ftp link.

  Fixed "Other 8 bit" when uses presses esc in codepage selection dialog.

                                        Anton Pak

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