Re: Savannah tracker still in use?

On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:

> I was wondering where to submit bugs and patches. I got the impression
> the Savannah tracker is not really used to track bugs anymore. Where
> should I go instead?

Savannah is very slow today.  Perhaps they have some difficulties.  But
please be patient and use Savannah.  It's more reliable than the mailing
list.  The project is underpowered now, but if things go better, it will
be easier to find patches in Savannah than to scan mailing lists.

Unfortunately, it's not likely that any patches on Savannah will be
applied before version 4.6.1.  The new version is long overdue.  Most
distribution have already released patches for the VFS problem.

If you have something trivial that would not take much time to review,
then please post to the list.  If it's not applied, use Savannah.

Please post patches only from a subscribed address.  This mailing list in
under virus attack, and the moderation queue has more than 1000 messages,
mostly spam and viruses.  GNOME postmaster promised me that the situation
will improve after the GNOME 2.6 release.  But as it stands now, messages
from non-subscribers are waiting in the same queue, and there is no easy
way to sort them.

Pavel Roskin

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