Re: c# segmentation fault [with file]

On Tue, 9 Sep 2003, [iso-8859-1] Juan Crist?bal Olivares C. wrote:

> File attached.

OK, I cannot reproduce the segmentation fault, but the text in single
quotes becomes black.  The reason is a space inside the curly braces
instead of \0x7F.  Actually, \0x7F shouldn't be there because it's a
control character, so I'm removing it.

Also, I have noticed some changes between CVS and your version.  I don't
know which changes are intentional.  That's why patches are preferred over
whole files - at least I know what your base version was and I can assume
that you have checked your changes.

Keyword "interface" is yellow in CVS, white in your version.

"typeoff" becomes "typeof".  That's a good change, I'm applying it.

New keyword "value".  According to, it's not a
keyword of the language, but IDE highlights it.  I'm applying it.

You version removes highlighting for %lx and similar constructs in double
quotes.  I don't think you wanted to make this change.  It's more likely
you are not using the CVS version as your base.  I'm not applying this

Pavel Roskin

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