Re: [PATCH] repaint other panel after Alt-O

On Tue, 9 Sep 2003, Jindrich Makovicka wrote:

> With current CVS, when a directory contains more files than fit on the
> screen, and the cursor is on the files "below the bottom edge", Alt-O
> selects this file in the other panel, but it still displays the entries
> beginning with the first one. The attached patch fixes this iissue by
> explicitly redrawing the panel when do_select sets top_file to something
> higher than zero.

The real problem is that the "dirty" flag on panels is now ignored, which
is obviously wrong.  The reason for this flag is to repaint the panel only
once per event, and do it without the frame.

I see that I was wrong when I removed make_panels_dirty().  The function
was obviously misnamed, because it actually does the opposite.  Also, the
problem was masked by the fact that panel_update_contents() or
paint_panel() is often called where setting panel->dirty would be

I'll try to fix this functionality.  Thank you for your report!

Pavel Roskin

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