Re: more sequences

On Sat, 6 Sep 2003, Sean King wrote:

> I was just looking over the other day -- is there any advantage
> to
>       ...
>       a<Key>w: string(0x1b) string("w") \n\
>       a<Key>x: string(0x1b) string("x") \n\
>       a<Key>y: string(0x1b) string("y") \n\
>       ...
> over the simple
>       Alt <KeyPress>: string(0x1b) insert()
> which seems to take care of everything?

It may be fine for mc, but it would be a wrong thing to do.  It would
break sequences for other keys.  For example, Alt-Up should be "\e[1;3A"
and it's implemented by the latest xterm-179.  Even though mc doesn't
sequences for Alt with control characters, other software may use them.

Of course, the users of the latest xterm are not likely to need
at all, but it's better to be careful.

Pavel Roskin

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