Re: Put character on screen

On Mon, 1 Sep 2003 gpaiva chesf gov br wrote:

>   I want to put a character on screen, with your total attributes (
>   blinking, color, etc.), using C. What routine should I use? And what
>   library?

If you are talking about Midnight Commander, use attrset() to set the
attributes and addch() to display a character.  These functions are
provided by the ncurses library.  If S-Land is used instead, there is a
compatibility layer in the Midnight Commander source that allows you to
use the same functions.

> (Embedded image moved to file: pic05447.pcx)

I don't know why you sent this image.  It appears to be a picture of a
signature.  Please don't send this image to mailing lists, it used
bandwidth but adds nothing to the discussion.

Pavel Roskin

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