Re: patchfs fix for unified diffs

On Mon, 13 Oct 2003, Oskar Liljeblad wrote:

> Hello
> This patch fixes a bug in MC's patchfs.
> Without the patch the linux kernel 2.4.21 patch
> (
> could not be viewed because it contained a few lines which
> confused the patchfs parser:
> --- Sym = Symetric: both link partners are allowed to send PAUSE frames
> --- SymOrRem = SymetricOrRemote: both or only remote partner are allowed
> -   to send PAUSE frames
> You'd get some dialog saying that the unified diff couldn't
> be parsed. This patch fixes that by parsing @@-lines in
> the diff and that way counting number of lines in each hunk.
> All lines in the hunk are then ignored instead of being parsed.

I like the idea, but I'm afraid your implementation is incomplete.  There
are more cases when the file is split into parts by looking at at the
separators only.  Let's see:

list - fixed in your patch
copyout - fixed in your patch
rm - not fixed
copyin - not fixed

Is there any reason to handle rm and copyin differently?  Maybe it's
better to put this code in one place?  Also, context diffs need this fix
too, if I understand correctly.

Pavel Roskin

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