Re: Patches for mc-4.5.51

On Saturday, September 20, 2003 at 18:30, Sean King wrote:
> Say, you beat me to the punch -- I was going to say the exact same
> thing! ;-)
> ...In key.c, we have 'xterm_key_defines' -- one group there is actually
> commented as '/* rxvt keys with modifiers */'....
> AFAICS, those sequences are defined (in init_key()) _only_ if
> TERM=xterm* or TERM=iris-ansi* .
> I suggested that
>    || (!strncmp (term, "rxvt", 4))
> be added (takes care of rxvt _and_ derivatives)
> Not alone that nobody says, Great idea, thanks. (Maybe it _isn't_ a good
> idea -- maybe I missed something.)

Well, that code is broken anyway. In my opinion, you should never use
hardcoded features based on the value of $TERM.

xterm_flag and console_flag should be removed altogether in my opinion.



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