Re: [PATCH] 3 patches for MC-2003-09-15-04

On Mon, 29 Sep 2003 tux centrum cz wrote:

> > We probably need an additional dialog for advanced options.
> Yes, It will be useful, maybe add some dialog that will accept some
> structure which will be an array like:
> setting advanced_settings={
> {"Time format - old",&timeformat,STRING},
> {"Time format - recent",&timeformat_recent,STRING},
> {"Torben FJ mode",&torben_fj_mode,BOOL},
> {"Show Sort Mode indicator",&show_indicator,BOOL},
> {"1 kilobyte is (1000/1024):",&one_kilobyte,INT),
> ...
> };

Yes, that's a good idea.  We need to keep this dialog extensible.  Also,
it should allow longer descriptions for translations.  Sometimes simple
things like "auto menus" just don't translate to anything short without
becoming unclear or ridiculous.

> If anyone else won't do that, I might do it after things calm a bit down
> in school .... in a week or two (semester just started)

You are welcome to try.

> Also, in future, it there would be too many options, this might allow
> for moving those options in tabs of some sort or whatever (multiple
> pages in advanced settings...) - just modify the dialog code and move
> the fields in two or more structures. Or make even the standard dialog
> this way ....

I'm afraid the only extendable widget now is the listbox.  Tabs are
non-intuitive without the mouse.

> And add the ":advanced settings" in Main menu -> settings

Of course, it's long overdue.

> The dialog may be a bit tougher (like scrolling the dialog if too many
> options are shown on small terminal window, etc...) but not impossible.

It would be nice to write down all options and classify them.  It's easy
to put 20 options in the dialog without resorting to listboxes or tabs.
Some options should be specific to the terminal - they should be joined
with "display bits" into "terminal options".

> I don't want to code anything that won't have chance of being accepted
> into MC at end ....

I understand it.  I think if you come to the point when correct
functionality can only be achieved by hacks or massive changes, then stop
and ask in the mailing list.

Pavel Roskin

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