Re: Where is the mc CVS module?

Quoting Bernd Bartmann <Bernd Bartmann sohanet de>:

> I wanted to checkout the mc CVS module following the instructions found
> at and
> but both fail with "/cvsroot/mc: no such repository"
> [bart riker new]$ cvs -d
> :pserver:anoncvs subversions gnu org:/cvsroot/mc checkout mc
> /cvsroot/mc: no such repository

Thank you for your report.  The anonymous repository was working just a few
days earlier.  I know that because snapshots are made by a script that uses
anonymous read-only access.

I confirm the problem.  I also see that other projects like autoconf and grub
can be accessed.  I'll forward this message to the Savannah sysadmins.  I hope
this issue will be resolved shortly.

Pavel Roskin

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