Re: 4 patches (file4, glib2 locale, ...)

On Sun, 25 May 2003, Koblinger Egmont wrote:

> I send you four small patches, all of them cleanly apply to both 4.6.0 and
> the latest snapshot. Please apply them (in case you don't have a good
> reason not to do so :-)))

The first three patches have been applied.  Thank you!

The patch to the translation didn't apply cleanly.  I only applied the 
parts that could be applied.

> hu.po.patch: fixes some minor bugs in the Hungarian translation. Anyway,
> it would be a good idea to change src/boxes.c:460 to contain "iso 8859-*"
> instead of "iso 8859-1", since this option works perfectly with other iso
> charsets as well.

I didn't apply that bit.  "iso 8859-1" may be not the best name, but the 
manual explains what it is.

I'm actually considering removing "8-bit" option because it's unsafe on 
many terminals.  Then "iso 8859-1" would be called "8-bit".

Pavel Roskin

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