Re: [PATCH] fstab, mfstab

On Fri, 16 May 2003 szaszg hu inter net wrote:

> Here is a newer 'fstab' VFS script, and an 'mfstab' (modified-fstab).
> The 'mfstab' not need any rescanning, because give info via running
> info file rather than viewing it.

This is all cool and nice, but I don't think this can be included into the
sources in its present form.  We shouldn't encourage users to do system
administration from mc.  I don't want to answer e-mails from the users who
lost their data because they didn't see and didn't know what they were

System administration tools must provide a very high level of reliability
that the development process of GNU Midnight Commander doesn't provide
and doesn't aim to provide.  Also, the level of testing received by
undocumented external VFSs is inadequate for system administration tools.
There were major bugs sitting for years in some of the scripts, and nobody

I'm ready to put your script to the "contribution" section on the website
if you write a README and settle on one script.

Pavel Roskin

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