Re: mcedit file locking

> > that's a) not exactly a downside, if you ask me and b) usually not true,
> > as the locks are only advisory, not mandatory, so "the other"
> > application has to use locking itself to notice what we do.

OK, it seems that write lock using fcntl for the period when the file is
being edited would be the best solution.

> Just for the record - Cygwin currently supports only mandatory file locks.

That's unfortunate.  What kind of lock is that - flock, lockf or fcntl?
If fcntl is supported, would it work always, or only if mandatory locking
is requested in some special way?

But even in the worst case, when fcntl is supported and creates mandatory
locks automatically, it's trivial for the user to work around.  To open
the file, write access is not required.  To save the file, another
filename can be selected.

Pavel Roskin

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