Re: Config file handling


> Patch to write config to temporary file and then 'atomically' move it
> to proper place.

Thank you!

> Moreover it is a fix for following nasty bug which happens when no
> ~/.mc/ini is found:
> open("/usr/local/share/mc/mc.ini",
> denied)
> We should not try to write to public files, so profile_name should be
> used only for reading... But dump_profile still wants to save file
> (even unmodified), so we check and save only in home_dir.

Not sure if it's the right fix.  Sometimes there is more that one way to
write home directory.  For example. /home is a link to /usr/home by
default on some versions of FreeBSD.

More importantly, mc shouldn't even attempt to save anything to mc.ini.
dump_profile() shouldn't be called for global files.  I think the fix
should be in some other place.

I like the idea of using stat() on the config file.  When "Auto Save
Setup" is used, the changes made manually are lost.  Maybe the
modification time should be checked.

Pavel Roskin

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