Re: TODO list


> IMO we should remove this from the TODO, because such option will make
> mc usage differ on normal filesystem and on VFS. People sometimes
> forgot about the boundaries, and it could lead to accidental command
> execution (when one wanted to use Enter to move to parent directory,
> didn't noticed he already left VFS).

Agreed.  Item removed.

> Moreover one can always use Ctrl-PgUp, Ctrl-PgDn, so it is not a
> problem (btw it doesn't work on rxvt and aterm).

They work if you set TERM=xterm.  You can also use Learn Keys is you have
X11 support enabled.

The sequences for xterm are currently hardcoded because there is no way to
define modifiers in mc.lib.  It should be fixed.

init_key() is called before init_xterm_support(), so it's impossible to
use xterm_flag.  I'm not going to reorder the initialization order just to
enable a workaround when the right fix is planned.

Pavel Roskin

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