Re: Shift&F6 rename files on 4.6.x versions


> I really LOVE the Shift&F6 Rename function on the new 4.6.x series, but
> wonder if it would be possible to avoid selected files and only rename
> the current one.
> Whenever you have e.g. 3 files, select the first 2 and choose to rename
> the 3rd one with shift&F6, after submitting the new name an error comes
> up.

I think it's a good idea, but it comes a bit late, after a release that
has a different behavior.  Indeed, Shift-F5 and Shift-F6 are primarily
meant to copy or move files to something with a similar name, so it would
be logical for them to act on the current file even in presence of
selected files.

Also, it's good to have a possibility to act on the current file without
having to unselect everything.

Any objections if we change the behavior of Shift-F5 and Shift-F6?

Pavel Roskin

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