Another FTP problem


I have a problem with sending a file with mc via FTP:
I wanna send my text.txt file from my home-directory,
with the same name to the remote machine's working
directory, but mc sends "STOR /test.txt",
which causes remote partner reject transition
(tested with remote linux and BS2000).

patching ftpfs.c solved this problem, but caused
"cannot parse" errors when LIST-ing the remote machine
as "LIST -la /." became "LIST -a ."

--- ftpfs.bk2   Fri Mar 14 16:58:08 2003
+++ ftpfs.c     Tue Mar 18 10:30:11 2003
@@ -972,7 +972,7 @@
     if (remote) {
        char * remote_path = translate_path (me, super, remote);
-       j = command (me, super, WAIT_REPLY, "%s /%s", cmd,
+       j = command (me, super, WAIT_REPLY, "%s %s", cmd,
            /* WarFtpD can't STORE //filename */
            (*remote_path == '/') ? remote_path + 1 : remote_path);
        g_free (remote_path);

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